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February Offers

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The Kick Start Programme

Colonic + Digestive Food Intolerance Test (Nutritional Food Review)

Choose one Colonic session to help clear old fermented waste from you system and Kick Start your Diet. Combine it with a Food Intolerance Test and Nutritional Food Review which tests for over 260 foods (our Digestive Health Food Test), and takeaway a Nutrition Plan that you can implement straight away. These combined treatments will take up to 2hrs, and are carried out on the same day.

Normal Cost £205.00 Special offer only £160 Men Only Saving £45

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The Ultimate Detox

The Ultimate Detox is for those of us who want a real detox and can be spread over 7- 10 days, or can fit around your work schedule. It consists of 3 Coffee Colonics to really boost your energy and ensure a deeper cleanse. Coffee inside the bowel helps to stimulate the muscles of the bowel to release more waste and helps stimulate the liver to release its toxins.

Normallly £210. Save £35 : now £175 Men Only.

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The Digestive Health Analysis Test

This month we have our Digestive Health Analysis Test which is an full Analysis of all your Digestive System.
Getting to root Cause of your Digestive Problem

If your aim is to find out what's causing your constant bloating,wind ,acid reflux or your changeable bowel movements, and want to stop it, great: you are in the right place.

Normal Cost £140 Special Offer £110.

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The Full Body MOT ( Advanced Plus Test+)

This test is our most Comprehensive as it tests over 320 foods as well as Allergens to various foods/chemicals/Environmental toxins and much much more,as well as finding out what is really going on in your body.

Normal Cost £160 Special Offer £125

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