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Welcome to The Ki Clinic Hair Testing Service

For those who cannot attend our Clinic,we offer an excellent Hair Screening Service

The Ki Clinic is immensely proud to be able to offer to the public in the UK this exciting and revolutionary Hair Health Test . It is unique and one of the only few of its kind in the UK which offers the full holistic picture, with our knowledge of the body and its nutritional needs, we examine each hair sample to ascertain your health priority at the time of testing.

We use samples of hair to carry out our testing. Hair has become a very important factor in forensic diagnostic medicine, due to its ability to store information about an individual. The government recently released information about the use of 'hair testing' as a method of tracking terrorists; where they have been and what they have consumed.

The Test is carried out by our Bio- Resonance System, known for its accuracy in screening ability.

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How Do I get my Hair Test ?

A. Please attach 1-2 inches of hair and include some of parts of the root hair ( the white bulbous part)if you have no hair, use arm or leg hair, for babies you can use nail clippings.

Please put the hair samples in a separate plain envelope and put you name, address and email on the envelope, place that in another envelope and post to :Allergy Testing UK,Victoria House,Victoria Terrace,Chorley,PR6 7AA

Please pay by calling Tel : 01257 239944 and have your card at hand.

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What Health questionnaire do I have to Complete ?

A. Please complete this online health questionnaire : Please save a copy on your PC/Laptop ,in a PDF Format.

Online Health Questionnaire

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What is included in my Hair Test ?

A. Depending on what test you have purchased you will also receive :-

A full analysis of your hair ,given at the time of testing
Comprehensive Report of Results via email.

Prescription of individualised Supplement Programme ( Supplements not included)

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When will I get my Results ?

A. You simply post off your hair sample to us and you will receive your report within 21-28 days. PLEASE CHECK WITH US,AS IT COULD BE SOONER .

When you have received your Results please call us and we will go through the report with you, helping explain the findings and our recommendations.

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