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Beyond Allergy Testing

Our Approach

Identifying the root cause of ill health is what we are concerned with. Ground breaking screening technology in the form of Bio Resonance provides our practitioners with all of the information they need to do just that.

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Our Bio Resonance System system is the very latest in Computerised Electro Dermal (Skin) Screening (CEDS). It ‘stress tests’ the body’s energy system to screen for a whole range of potential problems.


Bio Resonance is most advanced technology in the field of energy medicine, The Electro-Dermal Screening System can be found in Hospitals and Doctors' Surgeries throughout the USA.Unfortunately this screening is not yet available on The NHS in the UK.

What is Beyond Allergy Testing ?


The Beyond Allergy Testing Screening

For the past 30 years i have focussed on testing 1000's of clients for allergies/food intolerance's, but have been frustrated by how many clients just want be 'tested' for foods, when along i knew there were other problems attributing to their health concerns, so thats where i decided to develop the real testing parameters ,i call 'Beyond Allergy Testing ''.

This approach looks at the 'Whole Picture' ... an holistic view of your health right now.

For example many clients come for testing for foods and have IBS ,but each client with IBS also had some form of current 'stress' or past emotional turmoil of which they had not fully dealt with. With 'Beyond Allergy Testing' screening we might find that the Solar Plexus Chakra is out of balance ( this is based in the gut area) and relates to feelings as 'gut feelings' or emotional discord , the testing identified the cause and that was treated using specialised drops.No need to avoid foods as we are treating the cause.

Many clients come with Stomach acid problems, with 'Beyond Allergy Testing' screening instead of testing foods ,we screen the whole body ,and sometimes its not the foods that cause the acid ,we may find that the stomach lining is damaged and needs to be healed, there may be an overgrowth of bad bacteria present, there maybe cells that are damaged , hormones unbalanced, some nutrients deficient ,we are all different and the screening scans your 'whole body' to give you a picture of you and your health right now.

Whatever the problem and whatever the individual's needs, the first step is to undertake a 'Beyond Allergy Testing ' screening .
Mark will create a way of helping you understand the 'BIG PICTURE' .

There are no quick fixes to good health. Positive steps are an investment in a healthier future.

Contact The Ki Clinic and make an appointment with our Bio Resonance Practitioner Mark Costar.

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